Here’s to you, Ellie! Thanks for the nomination :)

So now let me answer those “Ten Delightful Questions” and I’d love to know how anyone else would answer them if one sticks out:

1) What is my favorite food? What a hard question to answer hehe. I love steak, and seafood. If I’d have to choose one, I’d choose grilled salmon. Yummers.

2) Who is my favorite actor? Don’t really have one… but maybe Gerard Butler.

3) What is my favorite television show? I don’t watch much t.v.

4) What is my favorite “Tear Jerker?  P.S. I Love You!

5) Tea or Coffee? I drink both, but I could live without tea… coffee, not so much 😛

6) What is my favorite sport? Hmm.. I looove sports. Soccer, (beach) volleyball, basketball, tennis, swimming, lifting, you name it. It’d be easier to answer which sport I dislike. That’d be baseball. Too boring for me haha.

7) What is my lucky number? I don’t believe in luck, but my favorite number is 7! Always has been.

8) What is my favorite holiday? Easter. Reminds me of my Savior’s sacrifice to save me. Thank You, Jesus.

9) Twitter or Facebook? I don’t use any other social media app. Only Facebook.

10) What is my favorite Christmas movie? Hmmmm.. A Christmas Story, most probably.

Now what else do I need to do? Hehe



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