We are all rich…


Read these verses today and they got me thinking. Hmm, I am not rich, so I can just ignore this, right? Wrong. Jesus didn’t mean only those who have material possessions.

It turns out I have been rich all my life and I had no idea! I’ve always said I have so much love to give. I’ve even mentioned before that I felt it was all going to waste because I hadn’t found the man of my life. Why not share all that love with the world instead? The great thing about sharing love is that the more you give, the richer you get. You want to be rich forever? Share your love today with someone. Smile at a stranger. Help an elderly lady cross the street, carry her groceries, etc., tell someone you care about that you love him/her, give lots of hugs, avoid gossip, eat less and share the rest with a homeless person, share a Bible verse with someone, pray for others, even for your enemies, don’t over spend on unnecessary things, let go of your pride and say you’re sorry, lead by example … You see, it’s sometimes the little things you do that end up making the difference. There are so many ways to share with others… Try one today!

And whatever you do, keep smiling!

God bless. ♥


Keeping the Faith..

Hebrews 6:11-12

¨We want each of you to show this same diligence to the very end, so that what you hope for may be fully realized. 12 We do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised.¨

I know I have not blogged for almost a year now… but here I am today… thinking and wishing I hadn´t stopped… yet again.

While reading the Word this morning, these verses spoke loudly to me. I had to read them a few times to grasp the beautiful meaning in its entirety. It seems that whenever I have a question, doubt, concern, God answers me through His Word. I had been wondering about love lately.. a lot. Wondering when it´s going to finally be my turn to find that amazing, extraordinary Love I´ve always longed for. It may sound silly to some, but to me, life without love is pretty much pointless. I have so much love to give, that sometimes I get frustrated thinking it´s all going to waste. But then God gives me a wake up call… and teaches me that love is everywhere. It´s in a child´s smile. It´s in a stranger´s ´good morning´. It´s in your co-worker´s assistance. It´s in a friend´s phone call. And it´s in the Bible. I think that if I hadn´t stopped writing and reading the Bible, I´d be fully satisfied with God´s love in my life, and I would realize that the love Ive always been searching for has been within me all this time.

The Lord is teaching me patience alright.. and is letting me know that it´s not really about believing when everything is going accordingly… it´s actually when you keep believing even amidst all the darkness and troubles that you start witnessing miracles all around you. Faith is believing and trusting even when everything seems to be going the exact opposite way.

Which reminds me of this amazing song:

“I will walk by faith, even when I cannot see. Well, because this broken road, prepares Your will for me.” 🙂

I know I will find true Love one day, and I will not get bored after 2-3 months, and I will not be afraid of taking the leap, and I will make him the happiest man on earth, and I will break free of all the chains that have been holding me back from just letting go and being vulnerable, and I will be so happpyyy. I know this. But in the meantime, I will focus on my relationship with Christ. I want to fall in love with Him all over again, and I want to learn to love myself a little more, until the Lord decides to bring me to the man he has been saving for me. 🙂 and once that man finds me, I know we will base our relationship on the Lord, and He will be our Rock. Amen.

I pray God blesses all of you today and every day.

Best regards,