“And let the peace of Christ control your hearts, the peace into which you were also called in one body. And be thankful.”

– Colossians 3:15

When I woke up this morning I felt a sense of emptiness, a feeling of loneliness and sorrow. Two months ago my beautiful friend, Danny, was called Home. I still find it so hard to believe he’s gone, and the more I thought about it this morning, the more difficult it was for me to accept that it is indeed true, he’s not here anymore.

As I thought about the plans for the day, I felt like doing absolutely nothing. Just wanted to stay in bed all day and be alone.

Then I decided to grab my Bible and read a little bit, before starting my day. Thank GOD I did. It’s amazing how reading a bit of our Lord’s Word can fill us with so much peace and comfort. I opened up my Bible and decided to read a bit of Colossians. I’ve read it a few times and always found it very touching. I don’t know why I went directly to chapter 3 and when I got to verse 15, I stopped, and started crying. Wow. I sooooo needed to read this verse at that specific moment at that exact minute. God knew how much I needed comfort today, and with this verse He reminded me that I am not alone, that because Christ loved me so much that He sacrificed His life for me and for my sins, I am now a new person in Him. And because He dwells within me, I have HOPE. And I have His peace. It also reminded me to be thankful for everything, and it wasn’t fair to Him if I decided to rely on my feelings instead of on Him. I immediately started feeling that beautiful peace again, that kind of peace that only He is able to give. I was thankful. And I am thankful. And I will always be thankful.

I thank my God for one more day. I thank my God because today, I am reminded that my beautiful Danny lived. I am also reminded that my beautiful Danny is now living eternally next to our Savior. I am reminded of the life that changed mine.
So today (and everyday), I am thankful for Danny’s life.

He will live forever in my heart, until I see him again.

Thank You, Lord.


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