-Nothing is impossible for You.-

Jeremiah 32:17 – “Ah, Lord GOD, You have made Heaven and earth by Your great might, with Your outstretched arm; Nothing is impossible for You.”

Jeremiah 31:25 – “For I will refresh the weary soul; every soul that languishes I will replenish.”

Nothing is impossible for our God. So when you pray, pray with Faith. Believe in His power, in His Grace, wholeheartedly.

Most of us, while we pray, are already thinking about a plan B, ‘just in case’ what we ask for is not given to us. ‘Just in case’ God doesn’t listen to us. When it comes to God, we should not have any plan B’s, we should never doubt Him, we should completely surrender, let go without looking down to see if there are any safety nets.

Am I going to be a person who walks by faith or by sight? Will I do what I need to do, trusting in the strength of the power of God or in the power of my own human capacity? 

Today, let’s put ALL of our TRUST in the LORD. No safety nets, no plan b, no ‘just in case’, no ‘what if’, no other options, only GOD. Let’s not focus on what we can see, but instead let’s focus on believing and trusting Him. When we start praying with genuine Faith, we will begin to see that God DOES answer us.

Saw this quote on Twitter: “You can’t have part-time faith and expect a full-time victory.” How true is that? Think about it.

I leave you with one of my favorite songs ever: Sweetly broken by Jeremy Riddle


Bless you all. And remember, SMILE. Let God’s love shine through you for everyone to see!


One thought on “-Nothing is impossible for You.-

  1. Good song and all very true! What happened to your blackberry vane? Call me when you get it workin again k. God bless you

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